Sober Curious?

Feel like you have tried everything...

What could life look like if Alcohol was not a part of it?

Sober Curios?

Find HOPE in living Alcohol-Free

Download my shocking BEFORE & AFTER plus discover why moderation may not be working for you!

Do you find yourself... 

Googling "am I an alcoholic"?
Hungover from your vacation?
Saying “yes” to just one more when inside you're saying “no”
Promising yourself (yet again!) that you won't drink tomorrow?
Blowing your diet (yet again!) on boozy calories?
Drinking because you feel awkward in social situations?
Feeling like you are missing out if you are not drinking?

Guess what.... you're not alone!

I felt the exact same way.

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What is AF Life Journey?

It’s Absolutely Freeing. Awesomely Fun. Amazingly Fabulous. And, Alcohol Free. Life On Your Terms.

There’s no blame, shame or judgment here. Just curiosity about life without the need for alcohol.

Your AF Life Journey is all about living life to its fullest - making alcohol a choice and not a need - for celebrating, relaxing and enjoying.

If alcohol has a bit too much power in your life, and you’re curious about a new way of living, book a complementary discovery call with me.

If you are already alcohol free - AF Life Journeys are coming soon! 

Epic bucket list trips with like minded alcohol free adults!

Join our private community of AF travelers and adventurers who want to see the world in a whole new way.


Hey there,

I'm Karen, Certified Coach with "This Naked Mind Institute".

That you can find true freedom in your relationship with drinking.

You shouldn’t have to “hit rock bottom” to change your mind about how you experience alcohol.

Is Alcohol standing in the way of reaching your goals and full potential?

If you’re questioning the amount you drink or find yourself refilling your glass one too many times....

If you feel embarrassed by your drinking habits… repeating “OMG! What did I say/do last night?”

I want you to know I was in the exact same place you are right now and there is another way.

I offer private 1:1 coaching where we can explore your personal relationship with alcohol and discover what an AF Life could look and feel like for you.

Welcome to your AF Life Journey!


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Choose your


AF Life





I was lucky enough to find out about Karen’s course by chance and I feel so fortunate to have had this experience. Not only was Karen warm and easy to talk too, but she has a way of sharing information that is both effective and succinct. Karen took the time to find out about my habits, experiences, and routines. She had a way of asking guiding questions that allowed me to lead my own journey with her assistance. I would not hesitate to recommend Karen’s expertise to anyone. My relationship with alcohol has completely changed. Thank you Karen!!! -Kara


I had the opportunity to work closely with Karen on my relationship with drinking socially. I never realized how often alcohol appeared in my life--its at every party, get-together, wedding, sport's game, you name it! After my first conversation with Karen, I began to observe myself and my environment after every drink. I realized that it was an incredibly useless substance that affected the genuine relationships I would try to create for myself with the people at these events. I would also feel sick and foggy the next morning that enabled me to stay in bed for the entire day. I told myself I could not go on like this, especially given my young age, and realized that if I did not make a decision for myself now, I would feel the consequences later on in life. I chose to refrain from drinking at these same events, but I found myself constantly explaining myself to my friends at parties when I would choose to stay sober. It bothered me that I had to defend the decision to not drink alcohol. With the techniques and conversations I instilled from Karen, I was able to free myself from feeling defeated by alcohol and instead embrace the freedom I regained for myself choosing to live an alcohol free life. Alcohol has become a powerless substance in which I no longer feel obligated to drink.

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